Rebuild Project
TX_800_HOOD.JPG (45065 bytes)

One of the BIG ones from the early 70's!

800_F_HOOD.JPG (8049 bytes)
The left front shows evidence of hitting a post or tree!

800_RFRONT.JPG (14450 bytes)      800_RREAR.JPG (18320 bytes)
Right side front and rear views.

800_F_ENG.JPG (10954 bytes)             800_RF_ENG.JPG (18920 bytes)
Front view of the 800 power plant!                                           Right front view of the motor.

800_L_ENG.JPG (20758 bytes)    800_RR_ENG.JPG (19612 bytes)
Left side view of the engine compartment.                            Right rear view of the engine.

dcp00910r.JPG (16248 bytes)    dcp00911r.JPG (17210 bytes)
Work begins by removing a good front section of the chassis to replace the bent one on the TX800.

dcp01019r.JPG (13387 bytes)    dcp01020r.jpg (15743 bytes)
Here are views of the TX800 chassis with it's bent front section removed.

dcp01103r.jpg (15272 bytes)    dcp01212r.jpg (16879 bytes)
Larry does a little clean up on the TX800 chassis.  Don starts prepping the replacement front section.
Work is now being done at "Big Don's Carthedral", Lester Prairie, MN.
dcp01218r.jpg (15266 bytes)    dcp01274r.jpg (16521 bytes)
Don and Larry work on preparing the replacement front section to get it "just right"!

dcp01276r.jpg (16723 bytes)    dcp01277r.jpg (16105 bytes)
Don and Larry begin welding the new front section on.

dcp01278r.jpg (14175 bytes)    dcp01279r.jpg (15971 bytes)
Don welds away on the front section.                          Motor mounts are installed and a little finish work is done.

dcp01280r.jpg (17200 bytes)      dcp02038.jpg (12013 bytes)
The front section is on and the motormounts are                    Starting to prime and prep for paint.
welded in the proper position. Larry looks happy!!                                                                     

dcp02039.jpg (10436 bytes)       dcp02040.jpg (10320 bytes) 

dcp02041.jpg (10350 bytes)      dcp02042.jpg (11258 bytes)

dcp02057.jpg (13869 bytes)
The top coat of paint is on the chassis and parts , the engine is together and now it's
time to start reassembling all those parts.

dcp02069.jpg (17433 bytes)     dcp02070.jpg (17145 bytes)
The engine and chain case are mounted, steering and skis are installed, and the suspension & track are in.

dcp02071.jpg (18936 bytes)      dcp02072.jpg (14479 bytes)

dcp02073.jpg (21034 bytes)      dcp02078.jpg (10320 bytes)
                                                                                    The seat, tank, bumper, and gauges are mounted.

dcp02079.jpg (15727 bytes)      dcp02080.jpg (9318 bytes)

dcp02082.jpg (10998 bytes)      dcp02086.jpg (13465 bytes)
The hood has been repaired, preped, and painted.               The front stripe and decal go on nicely!
Next comes the installation of the decals.                                                                        

dcp02087.jpg (12003 bytes)      dcp02088.jpg (17302 bytes)
The side decals go on.                                                  Gotta take a minute to stand back and check it out!

dcp02090.jpg (15980 bytes)      dcp02091.jpg (17711 bytes)
The hood is almost done now, just the hold down latches left to install.
(Larry's Voyager is on the right side of these pictures.)

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